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Lifetime Development is a name that is synonymous with resort-style living, indulgent amenities, unmatched comfort, and contemporary convenience – all of the elements that make a neighborhood great. Proven to be a top contributor to architectural innovation in Toronto, they have overseen the revitalization of several neighborhoods and as a result, they have impressive residences in some of the most coveted neighborhoods. This skilled team of developers and architects is recognized for the role that they have played in populating the city with remarkable structures. Their creative innovation has facilitated the creation of remarkable mixed-used residences such as Liberty Market Tower, a collaborative effort with Wallman Architects.

Though suite plans for
Liberty Market Condos are still TBA, the 28-story tower is designed to capture the hearts of Torontonians and complement the historic allure of surrounding buildings. The structure’s aesthetic charm is set to surpass many of the landmark residences in the area and will be coveted by a vast selection of residents. The groundbreaking development is to be crafted as a “social condenser” for Liberty Village and also as a magnet that will draw a vast selection of people to the area.

Liberty Village is where convenience meets history, all within the booming downtown core of Toronto. It is sure to become one of the most coveted addresses in the city. A revolutionary architectural piece both inside and out, this residence boasts a wide array of urban amenities and contemporary features, serving retailers, residents, and office tenants alike. It’s a place for everyone.

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Developing at the most coveted locations, crafting landmark residences, and transforming neighborhoods — Lifetime Development’s unwavering passion for real estate development and their extensive portfolio are both testaments to their strong social responsibility and competence. Through creative designs, architectural innovation, and revitalization of the areas where they build, Lifetime Development strives to set new standards for holistic residential developments.

The transformation of many neighborhoods in Toronto can be accredited to the ground-breaking residential developments that have been spearheaded by Lifetime Development. By adapting newly improved urban design techniques and making use of the availability of aesthetic glass, they’ve produced a high-quality residence with historic charm. A residence like Liberty Market Tower encourages a spike in the population without upsetting the area’s standard of living. A master of community development, Lifetime Development is a top contender for luxury real estate development and mixed-use projects that accommodate a life of luxury.

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